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This tidal window viewer (LTTP viewer) has been developed by Port of Rotterdam Authority (“PoR”) through the Harbour Master Division(“DHMR”) for the information of those persons (each an “Interested Party”) who are considering in visiting the Port of Rotterdam with a seagoing vessel.

The LTTP viewer is a tool for the Port of Rotterdam with which the user can obtain a horizontal tidal window based on the destination, vessel dimensions and astronomic water level information. It is an easy to use tool which gives a best guess prediction of the possible tidal window.

The advice (‘Advice’) generated by the LTTP viewer is based on astronomical information available to PoR as at the date of the Advice. The Advice contains selected information and does not purport to be all-inclusive or to contain all the information relevant to visit the Port of Rotterdam with a seagoing vessel. While using the LTTP viewer, please note that actual events or results (because of weather conditions or river discharge) may differ materially. From 24 hours before arrival or departure an updated tidal window will be available through the Harbour Coordination Center.

Although PoR believes the expectations reflected in the Advice are good, a visit to the Port of Rotterdam based on the Advice involves uncertainties, and no assurance can be given that actual circumstances will be consistent with these Advices. No Advice generated by the tidal window viewer is a promise or representation as to the future and Advices may prove to be incorrect.

The time windows generated by the LTTP viewer do not cover all the relevant components that make up the nautical admission policy of the Port of Rotterdam. Each Interested Party is responsible for its own assessment of entering the Port of Rotterdam and the Advice should be verified with the Harbour Coordination Center.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, and the Chief Harbour Master of DHMR as the responsible authority, reserves the right to prohibit access to the Port of Rotterdam at any time. Every user of the Port of Rotterdam is required, before entering the Port of Rotterdam, to report to and comply with the instructions of PoR as set out in the Port Information Guide.


PoR pays the utmost care to keep the content of this information and/or Advice(s) as accurate, accessible, correct and complete as possible. This however cannot be guaranteed. The provided information and/or Advice(s) is/are therefore not legally binding. PoR is doing everything right to collect and disseminate information. PoR accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information and/or Advice(s) and will, in no event, be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses (particularly profits, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage) resulting from errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in the information and/or Advice(s) provided. There is no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, given in respect of accuracy or completeness of this information and/or Advice(s). The information and/or Advice(s) may be changed without prior warning. In case of any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the provided information and/or Advice(s) and the applicable legislation, including the port bye-laws, the latter will prevail.

The Interested Party acknowledges that circumstances may change and the Advice may become outdated as a result. PoR accepts no obligation to update or correct the Advice.

Definitions and Abbreviations

Advice Information regarding the available tidal window for a selected basin in the Port of Rotterdam generated by the LTTP viewer, based on astronomical tidal forecasts.
DHMR Harbour Master division, department of Port of Rotterdam Authority responsible for the safe, smooth, sustainable and secure handling of shipping in the port of Rotterdam.
LTTP ‘Lange Termijn Tijpoort’ or 'Long Term Tidal Port'
HCC Harbour Coordination Center, center responsible for the safe coordination of traffic within the port of Rotterdam.
PoR Port of Rotterdam, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.